Each of the projects is different and unique, but also, without a doubt, very much “ours”. We use a modern, fresh aesthetic that contrasts with the visual noise out there.

meet the team

Our team brings together a diverse range of skills and expertise, from brand design and ui/ux to development and motion design

Our source of information about the latest trends and innovations in the creative industry. With one foot in every project, nothing can happen without his knowledge, even if he don't realize it themselves. A multitasker who animates, designs, and implements.

Maciej Stachowicz

Creative Director & Founding Partner

Co-founder of R19, a passionate designer specializing in creating brand identities. Her creative approach, aesthetic sense, and ability to interpret client needs result in cohesive, modern, and brand-aligned projects.

Joanna Sokołowska

Design Director & Founding Partner

Our eyes on the world of technology. Implements, programs, and always pays attention to the UX values of the project. A representative of R19 in the world of sauna.

Michał Rzepecki

Head of Digital

Piotrek approach design like architecture. Everything must be in its place. Always dressed in black.

Piotr Oleksy

Architekt / Designer

Anna has worked in Singapore and London, which allows her to have a broad perspective on projects. She is a great listener, capable of capturing subtle signals and transforming them into innovative solutions.

Anna Langier

Brand strategies & Spatial Design



Digital creations

join us

Want to join us? Feel free to send us your portfolio. We always looking for creative designers

Briefing and Research

At this stage, we gather all relevant information from the client to better understand their needs, business goals, target audience, and competition. The aim of this step is to gather the knowledge necessary to develop an effective strategy.


Based on your business goals, we create brand positioning that clearly defines what the brand should say, how it should look, and how it will behave.


Design goes beyond aesthetics; it focuses on building a consistent visual communication that reflects the values and goals of the brand. For digital products, we concentrate on creating designs that ensure seamless usability, enabling users to navigate easily and access content across various devices.


The project becomes a reality; we direct the implementation process and ensure that the client is fully equipped with the tools and knowledge needed to effectively run the business.

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